Bryan Singer's Battlestar Movie Is Greenlit!

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Bryan Singer's Battlestar Movie Is Greenlit!

Post by SpaceshipGuru72 on Fri Aug 14, 2009 3:20 pm

Well here's an interesting development...

The success of the recently concluded SyFy version of B-star-G and the success of the Star Trek reboot movie has sparked interest in a Bryan Singer production of B-star-G. Yes you read that correctly. Seems director Bryan Singer is set to direct a NEW THEATRICAL RELEASE of B-star-G. This big screen movie will have no connection to the Ronald Moore/SyFy show. It will be based on the classic version of B-star-G (1978).

For those not paying attention...

Years before Ronald Moore/SyFy took over B-star-G a big screen revival was very close to production. This B-star-G film was a continuation of the classic series - not a reboot. Glen Larson (classic B-star-G's creator), Bryan Singer, and Robert DeSanto (Wing Commander director) were poised to do the revival in 2001. Production would have started August/Sept of that year). Then 9-11 happened. Also Singer was moving in the direction of the X-Men franchise. So that film went into development hell. You can find designs and sets from this near miss.

What to make of this...

Already critics of this new B-star-G film are asking - "Too soon?" Syfy just wrapped the four year run of Moore's version of B-star-G and is now set to give us a new tv-movie (The Plan) and a weekly prequel series (Caprica). Can a completely different take on the B-star-G saga co-exist with up coming SyFy product? Will not the common movie/tv viewer be confused? After all classic B-star-G and Moore's B-star-G reboot are almost completely different animals - yet both will carry the same title. We geeks know the difference, but the general public...not so much.

How do I feel about this...

I'm OK with it. I like both versions of B-star-G. As I said the two versions are very different in tone and style. The classic B-star-G is more like Star Wars - pure space opera pulp. So this new film is likely to be less about social/political allegory and more about a galaxy-spanning 'shoot'em up'. Oh and the biggest difference...

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