New Trek Novels Of The JJ Abrams-Verse!

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New Trek Novels Of The JJ Abrams-Verse!

Post by SpaceshipGuru72 on Thu Aug 27, 2009 11:35 pm

Next summer (2010) will see the release of four Star Trek novels set in the rebooted Trek universe. Here is a list of titles and authors and dates...

1. Star Trek: Refugees - Alan Dean Foster (also the author of the recent Trek film) - June

2. Star Trek: Seek A Newer World - Christopher L. Bennett - July

3. Star Trek: More Beautiful Than Death - David Mack - August

4. Untitled Novel - Unknown Author - ?Scotty Story? - September

I know this all seems rather congested, but the authors above are coinsidered the best in Trek literature. Particularly Christopher L. Bennett. Seems the JJ Abrams-verse has Pocket Books excited. I admit the new film has me reading the latest Trek novels set in the Prime-verse. Fascinating

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