Trek Film News : Writers Have Issues

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Trek Film News : Writers Have Issues

Post by SpaceshipGuru72 on Wed Sep 16, 2009 12:20 pm

The latest word from the sequel screenwriters...

Expect the next film to be much more allegorical. The writers and Abrams have stated they want the next Trek film to be more relevant and topical in nature.

The reporter asking the writers and producer questions might have stumbled upon a possible plot point. During the interview the reporter made a hypothetical statement about the possibility of a misbegotten war with the wrong people being an issue. The statement goes something like this...

(I'm paraphrasing here)

Maybe there's a long-lasting and bitter war with the Klingons. Maybe the destruction of the planet Vulcan prompted the Federation president to declare war on Klingons? Even though the Klingons had nothing to do with the destruction of Vulcan.

According to the reporter his question got an interesting facial expression from the writers. Granted the reporter might be having an ego trip, but...

This reads relevant and topical. So let me apply a bit of my own spin on it...

Shortly after the 2009 film. Admiral Pike sends Kirk and company on a mission far from Federation space. Perhaps a mission that involves the arrest of the space pirate Harry Mudd. Meanwhile the Federation president uses the Vulcan Incident as reason to turn a Federation-Klingon 'cold war' into a hot one. Doctored evidence suggests Nero had Klingon help in the attack on the UFP. Most people belonging to the Federation buy it. Worse the Federation president listens to the suggestions of Admiral Pike. No one realizes Pike is under the control of the sentient parasite/symbiont creature that Nero placed inside Pike (remember the Next Generation episode 'Conspiracy'? Nero's gift to Pike was one of those nasty critters). The creature is using Pike to influence Starfleet and the Federation policy. It is building a hive on Earth and beyond. The Enterprise catches up to Mudd. Kirk and company use their trademark teamwork to flush Mudd out of hiding on some strange new world. The Enterprise informs Pike they found Mudd. Pike sends an expert in interrogation to the Enterprise (by the way this interrogation expert works for Section 31). Mudd and the interrogation expert have a 'friendly' chat. Kirk and company become concerned over the techniques the interrogation expert uses - McCoy in particular is outraged by Mudd's condition after the 'friendly' chat. Mudd is being tortured. Kirk and company realize what is really going on and Kirk puts a stop to it. The interrogation expert is now the one to be questioned. Some portion of the conspiracy is revealed to the Enterprise gang. But it might be too late. Pike has sent a large taskforce of Starfleet vessels to the Federation-Klingon Border. Federation starships are now performing pre-emptive strikes on Klingon space. The Klingons do what Klingons do when attacked. The galactic war to end all galactic wars is on. The film ends on this cliffhanger...


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