Post-Nero Novels R No More

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Post-Nero Novels R No More

Post by SpaceshipGuru72 on Sun Jan 17, 2010 9:35 pm

As some of you know the summer of 2010 was to have four Trek novels that were set in the JJAbramsverse. Those novels are no more.

I'm OK with Simon and Schuster - Pocket Books decision. Why? I'd like them to stay in step with the cinematic production team.

However S&S-PB might want to consider doing prequels to the 2009 film. For example...

1. stories about Jim's parents and their missions onboard the USS Kelvin. What happen to Jim's mother, brother and little Jim after the Kelvin Incident.

2. stories about First Officer Pike and Captain Robert April - set on the intermediate step between Archer's old NX-01 and the 2009 Enterprise. This intermediate step is a USS Enterprise of the Kelvin's vintage. Her prefix number might have been NCC-0171 or NCC-0701). She would have the classic spaceframe of the E, but her components would be like those of the USS Kelvin.

3. remember that line of dialogue in the 2009 film involving Starfleet massing ships in the Laretian Sector (or System). Why? Was it the Klingons or something else?

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