Time line changes in the Abram's Reboot

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Time line changes in the Abram's Reboot

Post by GreenLantern2814 on Sun Feb 21, 2010 10:15 pm

Err, hello. I have a thought that I want to throw out here. I believe that the time line changes causedby Nero and Spock Prime went forward as well as backward; meaning, I believe that they effected Archer's time as well as Picard's time.

My reasoning is that a temporal distortion that large would have caused ripples in the space-time continuum that would effect events both forward and backward. Please refer to an abbreviated version of my equation to understand.

e=mc2 (5emc*a/pie squared to the fourth power)(2=1 if a is not preceded by the causality paradox of event z minor).


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Re: Time line changes in the Abram's Reboot

Post by SpaceshipGuru72 on Mon Feb 22, 2010 7:03 pm

Yes GreenLantern I agree that there are changes going 'forward' and 'backward' in the Abramsverse. The 2009 film has not even scratched the surface of possible deviations. Some are very subtle changes and others are quite huge. For example - look at Starfleet ship design in the Abramsverse and then compare it to the Roddenberryverse.

The concept designer for the 2009 film stated that he wanted the USS Kelvin and the Starfleet ships heading to Vulcan to reflect a Russian influence. Thus suggesting why the Kelvin and her generation of ships deviate from the Roddenberryverse's look. My 'in-universe' speculation is that in the Abramverse the Russians got the upper hand in space exploration (like landing on the moon/mars before USA - that had lasting impact on space exploration). So a few centuries later Russians dominate Starfleet design labs. That's why a Roddenberryverse warp nacelle looks different from an Abramsverse warp nacelle.

The 'forward' tense of the Abramsverse is wide open. The Picard (and others of the 24th cetury) of the Abramsverse may or may not come to pass on-screen or on-page someday. The key to this is the multiverse theory. The TV series Star Trek:Enterprise spelled it out. A temporeal 'cold war' is at play across a great many realities. Nero's plan may or may not have connections to this conflict.

If the next Trek film happens to involve a reboot of the Mirror, Mirror episode we might see another player in causing changes to the timeline. Perhaps in an attempt to 'right' the Abramsverse a character causes the Mirror, Mirror change.

Yes multiverse equations can induce headaches. But hey they are fun anyways.

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