Riddle me this Number One: Who cleans number two?

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Riddle me this Number One: Who cleans number two?

Post by Yoda Jammies on Tue Mar 09, 2010 12:18 am

OK, so I just got done watching a TNG episode about the grunts of the Enterprise and that got me to thinking. How does the 24th century work?

Star Trek gives us a pure socialist utopia. Money is abolished, and thus is war and hunger. People live lives of contemplation, and work according to their talents and needs. So, who gets picked to clean the bathrooms at the all you can eat Pah'ktar buffet?

Starfleet is a meritocracy. A para-military science organization. So, jobs are assigned to those who rise up the ranks. But what about civilian jobs? Sisko's dad is a restrant owner because he wants to be. Picard's family are grape farmers because they want to be. So, who wants to be a plumber? Who wants to pluck chickens? How can you run a society when no one wants to do the really crappy jobs?

Other thoughts: Shipyards. Why? In a world with replicator tech, why not just build a huge orbital replicator and push the "build constitution class" button over and over again before the borg show up?

Holodecks: Could you really leave the holodeck? Why in the world would you want to, if such a tech truely existed? I would be 24/7 in there with 1980s Carrie Fisher, Erin Gray, and the female cast of BSG. Honestly, how could you get anything done in a world with a holodeck?

And back to my original point: who would want to clean it after I am done?

(sorry for my crassness, just trying to make a point)
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Re: Riddle me this Number One: Who cleans number two?

Post by SpaceshipGuru72 on Fri Mar 12, 2010 12:38 am

Transporter tech, food replicators, clothing fabricators all work on the same basics. I would imagine that for most small to medium sized items for ship construction can be energized into existence. Most Starfleet vessels of the late 23rd century and the 24th century have manufacturing plants inside them - in other words large industry sized matter-energy conversion smelters. They still must go to a drydock to have whole nacelles replaced or whole deflector assemblies, or whole hull sections.

When Kirk and others make statements like money no longer exists. That's a bit of overblown hyperbole currency exists, but in a greatly modified and reduced form. Credit and debit has been joined by merit points on Federation planets.

Federation civilians earn credit/debit/merit points. Starfleet members earn merit points. So money does sorta exist, but not quite like today's economy. You're right tranporter/transporter-like tech has greatly diminshed the need for currency. But collection of merit points helps to demonstrate trust on the issues of a job well done to prospective buyers/employers.

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