New BSG movie

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New BSG movie

Post by Yoda Jammies on Thu Jun 11, 2009 9:13 am

Does anyone know about what this is, or might be?

According to this;

...there is a BSG movie in the works, but it doesnt seem related to the Sci Fi re-boot.

Anyone know more?
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Battlestar - Big Screen Movie - Speculation

Post by SpaceshipGuru72 on Fri Jun 12, 2009 6:41 pm

OK it can be a bit confusing. But I'm here to hold your hand in these moments of - WTF?!

Universal Studios ultimately owns all things BSG. However a contract exists between Glen Larson (creator and executive producer of classic BSG) and Universal. That contract basically says that any movie (big screen theatrical productions) is reserved for Larson to produce. For many a yahren (a year in classic BSG-speak) Larson has toyed with the notion of a big-screen return of classic BSG. There have been many false starts. Larson and a guy named DeSanto (Wing Commander director) was exec-prod and asst-prod, Bryan Singer was the director. The deal between Universal and Fox (strange bedfellows if you know Star Wars versus BSG history) fell through. Singer left to do X-Men. So along came RDM and his version of BSG. Universal made a deal with Sci-Fi Channel instead. Now as we know the RDM version of BSG did very well for Universal and SFC. That success along with the success of JJ Abrams Trek reboot might have Universal and Larson thinking a revival of the classic BSG on the big screen (again). Hatch's comments read more like speculation than actual plans. If I were you I would not hold your breath. For one thing having to different BSGs in close release to one another will only confuse the average viewer. Universal - like all studios - wants to attract the average viewer to its product. Confusing the consumer is a no-no. So it seems unlikely that we will see a big screen revival of classic BSG. Unlike Trek the BSG title is not widely known or accepted by the mainstream public. BSG is too specific. That's why a reboot on SFC worked - the built in audience. Plus TV is not as much a gamble as the big-screen. So like I said do not hold your breath. Too much water has flowed between 1979 and 2009. The RDM BSG really redefined BSG. A revival of the classic version is now redundantly silly. Larson had his chance (30 years worth). He blew it. Besides RDM's BSG reboot is so much better than the classic - on so many different levels. Why revive classic BSG and compete with yourself. I doubt Universal would do that. It is just not the same as the Trek reboot.

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